Passionate about Early Years Excellence

My name is Kim Benham. I have been in Childcare for over 30 years, both nursing and in Pre-Schools. I have a BA in Early Years and Early Years Teacher Status. I now successfully run two pre-schools in Croydon. I have achieved Ofsted Outstanding inspections, leading excellence in Early Years.

I am passionate about giving children a positive start to lifelong education. I want to share my successful ways with managers and teams, so that children are cared for and educated by motivated staff who want to achieve the highest success.


What I can offer
Visit my setting
Visit the twice Ofsted Outstanding setting, Sparkles Pre-School, for inspiration and ideas to help you improve. I’ll show you how to achieve this success and maintained high quality practice.


I can visit your setting
I am based in Croydon, so if your not too far I can visit your provision and advise you on an improvement plan that will prioritise the areas that need attention using the EYFS and Ofsted descriptors that will help you define your plan.


I am developing training programmes to meet the demands of  our challenging role. Please join me, or book me for your team training.
Help with your Ofsted SEF
Form filling isn’t for everyone! I can help you.  Together we can help develop your SEF form which will extoll your good points, and target areas for improvement.

Need something different?
Let me know! I’m open to suggestions.

Why am I different to Other Childcare Consultants?
I have two Pre-School settings, so I still am actively involved in childcare practice. I know the hard work it takes to manage staff to achieve high standards, because I am doing this now. I can share solutions we use and inspire your team.